The terminology used within bookmaking and its ties to the body is a relationship that’s that has been the central focus within my current practice.  Like books, the body has a beginning and an end, and with the use of Arabic script, this gives me the ability to tie the work back to specific points within Islamic history, practice, and philosophies.  More specifically, the Qur’an’s views on the creation of the body, the return of the body to ilturab (dirt/earth), and descriptions of the afterlife navigate the work. 


While utilizing Islam as the lens of self -portraiture, this connects back to my family upbringing and their practice of Islam, culturally and spiritually, prior to departing their homeland of Lebanon. Given the understanding today that their history is shrouded beneath layers of soil mixed with the rubble of the past, my job is to make sure their stories and spiritual way of life are preserved in some fashion, and their history isn’t lost in translation.


The current body of work is meant to showcase the influences of living within different cultures simultaneously as someone with intersecting identities. My objective is to gain an understanding that my role as an individual in diaspora  is document these intersecting identities that make up who I am.